There really is no place like home

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Following on from the trailblazing sitcoms like Bless this House. There’s no place like home joined the canon of sitcoms that feature despairing parents of equally difficult children. Bless this House set the tone for this kind of sitcom as the Parents struggled to make sense of the new world and opportunities that the Eighties suddenly presented. What Bless this house shrewdly did was focus on the friction between the generations and the fact that this was rapidly changing. There’s no place like home that takes the theme of a middle aged couple finally seeing the last of their children leave so that they can regain their lives. Perhaps they will sell up and buy a place in the country where Conveyancing news about moving would be useful. A great place to find out all there is about conveyancing is in the link.

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The spin here is that Arthur and Beryl suddenly find the lives of their children collapsing and them starting to move back in. This inability to leave the nest and stand on one’s own two feet is a feature of the 80’s that rang true with the boom and bust nature of the economy. As it became impossible to get a mortgage or rent cheaply children found they had no choice but to come home.

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This became too much for Arthur, who was looking forward to a second honeymoon and  settling down to a life gardening. He would retreat to his greenhouse with a cheap red wine and wonder where his life was going. Beryl on the other hand was secretly pleased.



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