• How Attic Insulation Helps with AC Efficiency

    Home Improvement

    Attic insulation does much more than keep your home warm in winter. But because it’s out-of-sight, we rarely appreciate the cumulative benefits. When it’s performing at peak, attic insulation dramatically enhances home energy efficiency, including the overall efficiency of your air conditioning system.

    In summer, an energy-efficient home allows the AC system to run at less frequent intervals, and without the inclination to flick on and off all day long. Simply put, the better the insulation in the attic, the better the energy efficiency – and that means less energy consumption to create a comfortable home environment and therefore lower energy bills.

    Choosing the right type of attic insulation product

    There are a variety of insulation products suited for the attic, but it’s key to choose the right installation for your home’s requirements. It’s also important to have the installation work done by a professional, mainly because there’s much more …


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